Changing Your Router’s Password: Do you want to change your router password? Yes. Then check this article to know how to change your router password. Changing router password frequently will increase security to your router. To change router password, you need to have three details. One is your IP address, another one is a username, and the last one is password. For the sake of people who do not know how to change router password, we provide this article. Go through the below sections to know more details about Changing Your Router’s Password.

Changing Your Router's Password

Changing Your Router’s Password

Generall, routers have some default username and password. But you can change them by login to your IP Address. If you forget the password, do not worry. Just reset your router and login with a default username and password. Read this complete article to know more details about Changing Your Router’s Password. Follow our website for more latest updates. You can also bookmark our page for latest notifications.

Changing Your Router's Password

How to Change Router Password

  • Open your search engine and enter your IP Address in the address bar then click on the enter button.
  • If you do not know your IP address, then open your command prompt and type ipconfig /all. Now you will get your IP Address. If your IP address of home network is not, then naturally you can not connect. You can access your particular IP Address.
  • Now you will navigate to a page where you can see the login form.
  •  Enter your username & password and click on Login button.
  • If you do not know your username & password, do not worry. You can check them at the back or bottom side of the router.
  • After clicking on Login button, you will navigate to a page where you can see a lot of options.
  • Depends on your home network the page look will change.
  • Click on “Security” or “Administration” button to change the password.
  • It will be easy if you have a wireless option.
  • Click on Wireless tab and then click on security.
  • Change the password by following the instructions which are shown on screen.

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