It’s time to change your WiFi Network’s name and password. Do you know that to access your router’s setup page to make some configuration changes you have to be aware of the IP Address? Through the below article you can get to know the necessary steps on How To Find Router IP.

Most routers come with the default IP Addresses and Login Details which vary according to the manufacturer. If you have access to the router’s settings, you can quickly change the default username and password so that no one can change back the protocols. Also, you can set how your network can be displayed.

How To Find Router IP

How To Find Router IP

Each router has two IP Addresses – Internal IP Address and External IP Address. Internal IP Address helps to login to your router and configure it. External IP Address helps other users to find you on the Internet.

How To Find Router IP

Ways of finding IP Address for a variety of router models: 

  • Linksys: Most of these routers have the same default settings. The admin panel can be accessed by entering the address as in the address bar of the specified browser. For more help visit the official page at
  • D-Link: One can access the D-Link router by using either of the two web addresses http://mydlinkrouter.local or D-Link also has a dedicated support knowledge base at 
  • Belkin: For almost all the Belkin routers the default setup is located at whereas http://router may also work at times. More information can found for the specific router models on
  • Netgear: Many of the Netgear routers have their IP Addresses or Login Credentials on the back or at the bottom of the device. If you are a Netgear user, then enter or navigate to Go to the official site for more queries at

Thus we have provided all the relevant details on How To Find Router IP for various models of routers. Hope this piece of information was helpful to you in some of the other ways. For further info on How To Find Router IP click here.

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