The present scenario of life with the rapid growth in technology tells us that we need to update to the latest techniques and solutions. Now the primary requirement concerns the necessity on How To Update Router’s Firmware. By upgrading your router’s firmware can help to improve or even repair a faulty internet connection.

Firmware acts as the foundation upon which your router runs. It is kind of permanent which can’t change until a new one replaces it. Also, it cannot get replaced as done in Software. Likewise, Software and Firmware differ in many ways. Many are unaware that you can update your router without visiting a  store and purchasing a new one.

How To Update Router’s Firmware

Updating the firmware a kind of process known as “Flashing the Firmware,” helps a router to work better and also avoids any bugs developed. Usually, to update a firmware a desktop or a mobile app is sufficient. A web-based device is perfectly suitable for Updating Router’s Firmware.

How To Update Router’s Firmware

Before you can update your router’s firmware, you need to access your router. For this, the login credentials are a must. Users can go through the instruction manual for the above particulars. The Login Credentials include the address of the router which has to be entered into the web browser. Below few steps give you an understanding of How To Update Router’s Firmware.

Steps on How To Update Router’s Firmware:

  • Connect your computer to an Ethernet cable, strongly recommended to establish a connection and also to avoid any damage occuring in the further process.
  • Next, open the web browser and in the address bar type the IP Address of your router.
  • A login page pops out wherein you are asked to enter the login details, i.e., Username and Password ( which by default are admin and password respectively).
  • Once you log in, click on Administration -> Firmware Upgrade. Note that this might be varying as per the router model.

How To Update Router’s Firmware

  • Then check your router model,  relevant Firmware Updates and download them.
  • After choosing the upgrade file, click on Update and wait until the process completes.
  • Finally, after all the update completed your router will restart thus indicating new Firmware update.

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